Addiction Resolution Consulting

Dear Families,

If you are hurting from the impact of addiction in your life,  you may need help getting your loved one to see the light.  The truth is you need not stand by feeling helpless and watch them self-destruct,  I am here to help.

As a Certified Clinical Interventionist, I will give you the tools, the structure and the support you need to Intervene in an effective, orderly process to stop the progression of addiction.  *The personal tragedies that await when addiction is not addressed can be avoided* 

Let's raise the bottom for your loved one and bring stability and sanity back to your life.  We can talk confidentially and discuss the individual you are deeply concerned about.  I will advise you of your options and the next steps.   You will leave a consultation feeling more informed and empowered.  When you are ready we will put a plan of action into place.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Karen Reass, CASAC, ICADC, CCI

~ Certified Clinical Interventionist
~ Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist

Transforming addiction to recovery one life at a time