*Many people suffer and die needlessly. We can do better if we harness the power of the Family.*

Confronting the addiction one on one rarely works, but when a group of people that the addict loves and respects are brought together and properly prepared to confront this disease with love, amazing things can happen.

It is a myth that addicts/alcoholics must hit bottom before they are ready for help.  Most addicts know at their core that they are out of control, they simply do not know how to break the cycle.

As a Certified Clinical Interventionist, I work with families and concerned others to confront the addiction (which has hijacked their loved one) with a unified message of hope and an expectation that they receive help.

*The love, concern, and expectation expressed in a Structured Intervention is designed to reach the addicted individual at their core and allow them to say yes to treatment!*

Having a Certified Interventionist help you prepare and conduct the intervention professionally is key.  Here is how it works:

A traditional intervention is planned without the alcoholic’s knowledge.  It involves at least two meetings with the concerned family and friends to plan and orchestrate the intervention.  These meetings are designed to help you feel fully prepared.  The Intervention takes place at the third family meeting and everything is in place for the addict to say yes to receiving help and go directly treatment.

The Invitational model allows the addicted individual to be informed of the family's meetings from the start and participate in the process.   It is more of a collaboration.

For families that do not want to Intervene directly, I teach you how to change unhealthy patterns of relating which may enable the addiction.  This gentler approach shifts the family dynamics, which can choke off the addiction and significantly improve the likelihood that your loved one will ask for help.

I am trained in three distinct models of Intervention.  Love First, ARISE and CRAFT.

Together, we will explore your options and implement the best approach.  Ultimately you will be fully prepared to address this disease and regain the dignity, stability and integrity that your family deserves.

*Interventions are a gentle and dignified way to stop the progression of addiction now, and most preferable to the crisis that awaits if the addiction is left unchecked*